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What Makes Hemp Different than Marijuana and What are its Boons?


If this was back in the days, there's no doubt that many people would evade hemp when they learn that it is part of the Cannabis Species. However, with information abound everywhere and with Cannabis becoming more acceptable in the society, there are also more people who thinks twice before going to a conclusion. Although Hemp is definitely part of the Cannabis Species, it's definitely different from Marijuana as it is a species with less of the psychoactive effects, which has allowed it to end up with another name - Industrial Hemp.


Different parts of the Hemp can be used for varieties of things from products that you could use to your body down to even eating it. It's a truly versatile product from nature and it is highly certain that you'll revel on more benefits than you can think of if you choose to include it in your grocery list. To give you that nudge and convince you further, more of the boons below would definitely make you see it in yet another better light.


Health Benefits


There's a plethora of nutrients that you'll get from Hemp in different forms. It could be from hemp seeds or even hemp oil but the bottom line is the fact that it is rich with protein, fiber, Omega 3 and more. With fiber and protein packed in one, you'll be able to attain a regularized digestion, that would undeniably be a boon for your energy levels. It could even be added to your food if you want to limit your hunger for the day as it will undeniably help you keep that 'full' feeling. The fatty acids from the Omega 3 is something that you know all too good already while on the other hand, even its seeds are packed with amino acids that aids muscles, organs, tissues and more. Click Here to get started!


Skin and Hair Care


Aside from the facts mentioned above, there are even more health benefits to Hemp than you can think of and beyond those health benefits lies benefits for your hair and skin, which is basically due to the Omega-6 rich content of Hemp Oil. With its effects or components akin to skin lipids, this outstanding product from Hemp can provide moisturizing effect to your hair, skin and even nails. It stimulates growth, boost their health and even their capability to retain water which would certainly make your skin, hair and even nails look even more dashing than ever. Know the different benefits of hemp seed in http://www.ehow.com/facts_5796438_benefits-hemp-seed-oil_.html.


Industrial Uses


Being a Healthy Hemp is just the tip of the iceberg since Hemp can also be used in varieties of products other than for your body use. Its seed can be used as ingredient for fuel, lubricants, ink, varnish, paint and more while its stalk is even more versatile as it can be used for insulation, concrete, fiberboard, chemical absorbant, animal bedding, canvas, carpet, clothes, shoes, bags cardboard and a whole lot more. Click for More!